Saturday, February 17, 2007

Don’t abandon the PALM OS!

As an avowed Palm PDA addict since the early generation Palm Pilots to the modern Treo I am very concerned about the future of the Palm OS. The path to Window’s based Treo’s will eliminate a worthy competitor. The Palm OS has always been easy to use, easy to learn alternative to the Microsoft Window’s Mobile OS.

The main argument I hear for the change to the mobile Windows OS platform is to integrate better with Exchange Server for enterprise users. But the Palm OS based products have integrated with Windows and Palm platforms for many years. The Palm OS current version integrates seamlessly with Window’s Exchange server for email, calendar and of course can read/write Microsoft Office documents with third party software. How much more integration do we need or want? I certainly don’t want or need easy access to viruses, worms and spyware!

I regularly use use my Palm/OS Treo 650 to connect to the company Exchange Server for email and calendar; synchronize with my MAC OS/X Powerbook for contacts and Microsoft Word/Excel documents. Through a wealth of third party software applications virtually any conceivable task is readily available.

On behalf of Palm OS users everywhere please don’t give up the fight.