Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here's My Template for Subsystem Interactions

Subsystem interactions are a tricky part of embedded system development.

I’ve experienced many projects where team members are assigned to develop a specific subsystem, and though they succeed at their individual task, they overlook how their system will interact with the other subsystems, which can lead to a dysfunctional product.

This ignorance of subsystem interactions is usually found in a bottom-up design approach, but can sometimes be found in top-down designs, in which attention to detail for performance, error handling and test strategies are all lacking. (These are not the only important requirements but for whatever reason I find them most often overlooked.)

Anyway, to help you out, I compiled a simple Excel template that displays these categories for multiple subsystems. Click here to download it: http://advanceddecisions.com/excel-sheets/ADI-Subsystem-Test-Case-Template.xlsx

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