Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Cure for Overambitious Projects

You’ve probably encountered clients that request an unrealistic amount of features to be included in a product. They’ll start by listing a few features that the product “absolutely must have,” which suddenly reminds them of a few more features, which then brings up more that “we probably should include.”

Meanwhile, your headache is growing because you know that such lofty expectations always fail.

Well, it’s time like this, before any of the development begins, that you’d benefit from splitting up feature requirements into two categories: essential and supplementary.

This simple action will save you enormous stress later on in the development process, because it forces both you and the client to agree on what is most important, and what can wait.

After you make the list, give a copy to your client, and keep one for yourself. Whenever an issue about including more features comes up, refer to the list and ask, “Is this truly necessary?”


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