Friday, March 30, 2007

Can "thinking" get in the way of "doing"

I think we all know people that just "do”; just act without really thinking about what they are doing (or at least that's how it appears). I also know a few people that think, and plan, but never seem to get off the dime. I think most of us are pretty well balanced - we think, plan, (sometimes better than others), and then we take action (again, sometimes more effectively than others).

For me it's usually a pretty linear process. I think about what I'm going to do, and then I do it. If I get stuck, I may take a step back, and if things go exceptionally well or badly, I will usually take some time to reflect.

I had an experience recently where I could not get past the thinking stage. I was writing something, and struggled mightily. I knew generally what I wanted to say, but couldn't get it out of my brain. I just kept thinking about what I was saying, was there a better way to present the information, and was the information clear and compelling.

Like I said, it was a struggle. It took me an inordinately long time to turn out a small amount of mediocre material. Finally, I just gave it up and went for a walk. I still need to get back to it, and will be looking for a way to get into that place where the words just flow. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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